It’s time to trade bitcoin back. It is time to sell bitcoin because of the high bitcoin prices in market almost as much as more than 10 times more than the former value. However, the market prices will not stay the same for a very long time. Due to the rise of other electronic currencies and the various bad thoughts over bitcoin by some people. The financial experts also claimed that- ’If you have low risk tolerance, and your bitcoin exposure becomes significant, you might consider selling a part to get back your initial investment and keep the remaining amount of bitcoin without any risk,’ one financial expert told Business Insider. Is someone is looking to pay the bills or need money he should not be hesitant to sell 30 or 40% of the bitcoin. So, selling a part of your bitcoin and other part keeping for future is also a good strategy for managing bitcoin too. So, sell btc. Don’t hesitant to make real money from the bitcoin as the market trends will not stay the same always. 44202